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Amber Boyles-Pellock
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It wasn't long until Friskey had a friend, Duke, the Fox Terrier.
From that point forward Amber developed a love of "all things dog."  Because her father never believed pets belonged inside, she would sneak out frequently to tuck Friskey and Duke in and kiss them goodnight.

Years later, after college graduation, Amber got a beautiful Siberian Husky, Daisy.  After a few years Amber decided that Daisy needed a friend, so along came Vegas. (Yes, another Siberian Husky) The three live happily together with Amber's husband Mike, and his cat Seven.  The integration of the two families proved to be a challenge for Amber and Mike, but both were determined to make the home a happy and safe environment for all!!!  About a year into the marriage they decided to again expand their family with the addition of Lily, a Newfoundland.

Amber has held positions in the insurance, financial, marketing and advertising industries, but had found none of these fulfilling because her love for pets outweighs any financial gains. Amber has dedicated her life to saving dogs; from stopping in torrential downpours to rescue a lost dog, to staying up all night with friends' pets to comfort them through medical traumas.

Amber feels she has found her dream career with The Dog Nanny. Your pet will have the ultimate care with Amber's services. 
Feel free to e-mail her at amber@happydogshavenannys.com anytime to talk about your pet's needs.

"Happy Dogs Have Nannys"

Amber Boyles-Pellock was raised in a rural farming community with no kids in sight.  Because she didn't have a lot of playmates, she turned her attention to animals.  Amber, along with her brother Ryan, convinced their father to rescue a cat that was stuck in a fence row.  They heard the cat meowing and tracked the sound for hours, and then found their first family pet, Friskey.
  E-Mail: amber@happydogshavenannys.com 
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