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Q:  How does The Dog Nanny work?

A:  The Dog Nanny is available to come to your home daily or on
      a set schedule that compliments your hectic life. The Dog
      Nanny is also available for vacation service where we will
      come into your home throughout the day to care for your pets.

Q:   How do I hire The Dog Nanny?

A:   First, we set up a free in-home consultation.  At this time
      we complete all the required paperwork and exchange a key
      or code.  We use this time to get to know each other and to
      allow The Dog Nanny to bond with your pet.  We will
      review all instructions for the care of your pet and your home
      at this time.

Q:  How do I stop service when I come home?

A:  The Dog Nanny will care for your pet and home as scheduled
     and this service will continue until you call and speak with the
     Nanny or send a text, once home to stop your service.  
     This policy is non-negotiable and exists to protect the safety
     of your pet and home in the event of unforseen delays or
     emergencies. If you forget to call your Nanny to stop service,
     an additional charge will apply.

Q: What happens if my pet needs a Vet while I'm away?

A:  In the event of an emergency The Dog Nanny is prepared.
     We have a 24 hour vet clinic for emergencies.  Travel with
     confidence as The Dog Nanny provides trusted care when
     you're not there!
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Of course, The Dog Nanny wants to be the company you choose to care for your pets but the most important thing is that your pets receive proper and loving care in your absence.  Here are a few tips to assist you in your selection along with some common asked questions...........
A pet-sitter should visit your home to check on your pet and be responsible for both your pet and your home - so be picky when selecting this person.
Take time to interview your sitter prior to your departure. A professional pet-sitter will interview you and ask questions to ensure all details have been covered and are understood.
You should have a professional contract to protect yourself, your pet and your home.  Your sitter should be licensed and be properly insured. Don't hesitate to ask for documentation.
tIf you would feel more comfortable - ask for references and don't be afraid to call them!!
Trust the instinct of your pet - dogs are great judges of character.  If your dog trusts them then you're on the right road!!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  I usually have a neighbor, friend or family member care for my pets;
      why should we hire The Dog Nanny?

A:  Many times these situations are stressful for the dog and for the
     friend or family member.  Once The Dog Nanny has been hired we
     often hear those same neighbors complain about once having to take  
     care of the dog.  To maintain the pet's schedule and comfortable
     environment it's best to have a trained professional come into your

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