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With a raw-food diet, you are able to feed your pet less food as the body is able to process all ingredients.  We recommend feeding 2-3% of your pets' body weight.  If you are feeding twice a day divide the total daily amount in half to accommodate for two feedings.  Although we recommend 2-3% of body weight several factors play into this equation.  Things like breed, activity level, overall health and age and medical conditions should all be taken into consideration.  No one knows your pets as well as you do, so monitor them closely and don't be afraid to make adjustments in quantity, if needed.

To give you an idea of what your pet will need on a daily and monthly basis we have provided some general guidelines as well as a calculator.  Don't forget to weigh your puppy or kitten frequently and adjust the quantity of food as they get older.  If you will be incorporating Raw Meaty Bones (RMB's) into your pets diet, give us a call and we will assist you with your weekly and monthly totals.
Theo Trice eating turkey mix out of the fridge!
Theodore Trice....loves his Turkey Mix
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