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Boarding can be stressful - new environment, loud, unfamiliar noises, extended periods in kennels, loss of appetite, etc.  Your pet may feel abandoned and need for that!  Your dog will be most comfortable in their home with The Dog Nanny.  Remember......Happy Dogs Have Nannys!

Playtime, walks, fresh food and water, treats and lots of love from their nanny!  This is what your pet will receive while you are away.  Service fee is for 2 visits per day to care for your pet and home. Homes with multiple pets or requiring additional visits will be a bit takes more time to spoil more babies! During the consultation we will establish the schedule that best fits your pets' routine.

Vacation Service - $30
Holiday Rates additional $15 per day fee.  Reservations may be subject to an early cancellation fee and The Dog Nanny reserves the right to refuse service to anyone
at any time
Daily Vsits - $15
The Dog Nanny will stop by your home and care for your pet. We'll be happy to take them for a brisk walk.....or even run!  This can be a daily service or tailored to fit your schedule.  If you get stuck at work or want to head straight to happy hour - call The Dog Nanny! Fee is for one visit per day, per dog....ask about monthly discounts!
Referral Program
Love The Dog Nanny?  Refer a friend and receive a free day of service.....through the week or on the weekend - you pick! This is a $28 value for helping to spread the word about Edwardsville's most loved pet-sitter - The Dog Nanny!
Home Monitoring/Lock Out - $15
This service is available to all existing clients.  If you lock yourself out of the house...don't call an expensive locksmith.  Call The Dog Nanny and we'll come let you in.  Alarm going off in the middle of the day and you're out of town or stuck at work?  Call us and we'll meet the proper authorities at the house and check on your home.....and your pets, of course!
Vet Shuttle - $35
Is it time to visit the vet or the groomer but just can't fit the time into your schedule? Call The Dog Nanny - we will pick up your pet and deliver him/her safely back home.
Special services such as surgery may be an extra charge and all appointments must be coordinated with The Dog Nanny 5 days in advance.
We have a Canine Massage Practitioner (CMP) on staff and available for
in-home massages.  Massage is a great way to lift your dog's spirits both mentally and

Massage is known to help a variety of conditions including: colic, arthritis, bronchitis, dry skin, strains, sprains, spasms, hip dysplasia, and a variety of post operative conditions with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear being the most common. Massage is also very beneficial to senior dogs.

Pricing is for a 30 minute in home massage. For a longer massage or to schedule please give us a call or email
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