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The Dog Nanny - Raw Food Diets
The Dog Nanny is pleased to announce the addition of Bravo Raw Food Diets for dogs and cats available through The Dog Nanny - Raw Food Diets.
After lots of reading, research, attending seminars and various meetings, we are excited about the newest addition to The Dog Nanny, our Raw Food Diets division.

Mike and Amber were able to negotiate a contract with Oma's Pride in order to bring this economical raw food diet to the dogs, cats, and even ferrets of the Metro-East and Southern Illinois.

For those of you that might be saying.....WHAT?!?!  Please keep reading, as what you're about to learn will change the course of your loved family member's life....forever!
Within the last decade, concerned pet owners are noticing an increase in certain diseases like cancer and diabetes, skin and joint issues, and dental problems. They are showing up at an early age.....but why?  Experts are looking at diet as the main cause.
Proper nutrition is vital to good health.  In nature, it is live foods that truly nourish both people and animals.  If our pets are to thrive, they need live enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, unadulterated amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are only found in raw food.  Commercial dry and canned pet foods are convenient, but they are also highly processed with heat which destroys many of these essential nutrients.  Questionable chemicals and preservatives are then added to make the product a "balanced diet."  Commercial pet food may sustain life, but unlike raw diets, they do not contain the life-enhancing nutrition that promotes good health.
Benefits of a Raw Diet
Extremely healthy skin

Less tartar buildup and healthy gums

Better smelling breath

Fewer digestive difficulties

Frequent resolution of allergy problems

More even temperament

Easier weight management

Smaller, firmer, less smelly stools
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