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"Prior to the launch of The Dog Nanny, Amber was the one I called if I was stuck at work or if I needed to travel unexpectedly out of town.  Now that our dogs are older and can't hold it as long, The Dog Nanny will be taking care of our babies on a daily basis!
                                            ~ Debbie Maneke and Steve Loucks
                                                                          Edwardsville, IL
"The Dog Nanny was the first person, other than immediate family, that we trusted to enter our home and care for our dog.  We have an American Bull Dog who doesn't like just anyone - but he loves his Nanny!  It's so nice to be able to leave for the weekend and not worry about Smuckers or our home. We LOVE The Dog Nanny!!"
                                                        ~ Mike and Kristen Doughty
                                                                          Edwardsville, IL
"Are you one of those dog owners who feel guilty leaving your best friend behind while you travel?  If so, call The Dog Nanny and your pet won't even notice you've left!  We were constantly trying to find family and friends to take care of Murray while we were attending all day sporting events and during our family vacations. It was a nightmare and Murray was shifted from house to house. Now we call The Dog Nanny and everyone's happy - especially Murray who goes crazy everytime he sees his Nanny - he loves her!!                                                                                                                                 
                                                               ~ Paul and Kristie Hurst
                                                                          Edwardsville, IL
The Dog Nanny did an amazing job with Blue and Moberly.  I was worried that my dogs would be different when I got back from our vacation, but Amber did a great job with them.  They were perfect when we got back.  I wouldn't let my family leave my dogs with anyone else!!
                                                                                         ~ Emma Lipe - Age 10
                                                                         Edwardsville, IL
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